108 445 01

Mavic R-SYS Premium, SL, 10 Red (2009-2010)


These wheels use Tracomp non-drive side and front spokes. The Mavic TraComp tubular carbon spoke used in the 2011 and 2012 Mavic R-SYS wheels on the non-drive side of the rear wheel as well as the front wheel.  These spokes have the new N7 nipple and thus requires the new M7 (6.4mm) truing tool.  These are far from traditional spokes are require a specific procedure to replace and to true a wheel.  Your lack of following the instructions set forth by Mavic will likely result in damaging the spoke and having to by another replacement... Consider yourself warned!  Since these spokes are susceptible to damage in shipping, I take special care packaging them for shipping.

Note: Tracomp spokes for these model years have Silver or Red ends.

R-SYS Premium (2009+)

107 958 01 - Front (Tracomp)

107 959 01 - Non-drive Side (Tracomp)

R-SYS SL  (Clincher) (2010+)

107 958 01 - Front (Tracomp)

108 446 01 - Drive Side (Round)

107 959 01 - Non-drive Side (Tracomp)

R-SYS 10 Red

108 437 01 - Front (Red ends)

108 444 01 - Non-drive Side (Red ends)