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Mavic Ksyrium SL Zicral Silver Spokes (2004-2007) - USED

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These spokes are for 2004-2005 Ksyrium SSC SL and 2006-2007 Ksyrium SL wheels.  They are straight pull SILVER bladed Zicral with integrated M7 nipples. 

These spokes are still in good to great condition and will show some signs of usage (scuffs, scratches, etc) that are only cosmetic. Some look better than others.  Bottom line is that they are completely functional or I wouldn't offer them for sale.

I have a few "Grade C" Drive side spokes available.  These spokes have seen better days.  They're not pretty but they are better than not having a drive side spoke at all.  You can find them in the drop down menu listed as "Grade C".

Front: 281.5mm

Drive Side:  272mm

Non-Drive Side: 301.5mm

Mavic Part #'s:

Front: 324 181 01

Drive Side:  324 182 01

Non-Drive Side:  324 183 01

These spokes have the original M7 (5.5mm) nipples.

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