Campagnolo Ultra Torque Shim Kit Update

by John Satory July 25, 2012

Recently it was brought to me attention via a comment (thanks Ken!) that it's been several years since I originally got into this Campy UT mess.  Ken wanted to know if there has been any updates regarding the issue with the axial movement or the approach to the fix using the shims.  Well, as of now, Campagnolo is still choosing to ignore the problem that some folks (quite a few actually...) are continuing to have.  In the meantime, I'm still getting emails and comments about it.  To date, I have yet to hear from anyone who has installed the shim kit without it fixing the noise and axial movement problem.   So, until Campagnolo comes up with a solution, I'll continue to make these shim kits and send them out to Campy users here in the USA and abroad (well over a dozen countries so far).

I recently added an installation video that can be found here.

p.s.  Because of the number recent requests requests, I am finally moving forward getting shims made for PF30 and BB30 for Ultra Torque.  Shims for BB86 are in the pipeline.

Thanks for checking in.  -John

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