I'm here to help! Don't feel bad, even I get confused sometimes. First watch this video and then email me the information that I described to roguemechanic@gmail.com and I will get back to you asap with a part number and maybe even a link.

The information that I use to identify a Mavic wheel is described in a short video that I made titled: "What I need to identify Mavic wheels." If you are wondering what spokes, bearings, or other replacement parts you need to order to get your wheel rolling again, just email me the pieces of information shown in the video and email it to roguemechanic (at) gmail (dot) com.

The short answer is yes, they are still in business and no, they are no longer in receivership. They where purchased by the french Bourrelier Group in September of 2020. They are currently working on returning to the US soon. Here's a video that I made that should clarify what's been happening with Mavic lately.

Great question. Actually yes! I am in the process of getting restocked as I type this. I am awaiting a large order directly from France. Let me know if you are looking for something specific that is not listed on the my website. If you are needing something that is listed, make sure that you click on the "notify me when available" button so that you will receive an email after I get them.

It may seem at times that I do but, no I do not. I’m a retailer just like any other shop a very independent bike mechanic. 

Yes, I do ship internationally.  For all items except rims and wheels I ship via USPS Priority International Flat Rate.  I do ship First Class via Global Post to most countries. This is the lowest cost and slowest service. There is also the option of USPS Priority International. This costs around $36.95USD and it typically takes 6-10 business days to reach you.  There are some countries or territories that I require using FedEx because of reliability.  The rate for FedEx International is typically around $68USD (for anything smaller than wheels and rims) and typically takes 3-5 business days.  Please be aware that your order might get delayed in customs.  This could add weeks.  It is the buyers responsibility to pay for any additional tariffs, fees, import duties, or VAT upon delivery.  If you need it sooner, contact me and I will get you a shipping quote via FedEx.  This will always be much more expensive.  The same goes for rims and wheels.  Contact me for a shipping quote and please include your shipping address. 

Great question. I often ask myself the same question. The short answer is that I don't know. Rest assured that I search high and low to find the least costly and most reliable option and I usually end up charging you less than what I pay for the shipping. I even make custom boxes for the rims in order to get the lowest shipping cost.

Typically yes.  Labor is usually $95 per wheel plus parts.  I will get you an estimate once I inspect the wheel(s).  It's safe to budget $30 each way for domestic ground shipping. 

For some reason Mavic does not measure their Zicral spokes end-to-end.  Instead, they measure them "inside shoulder-to-insided shoulder"...which is approximately 5mm shorter then the end-to-end measurement. 

Yes it will.  The decals are the only difference.  BTW, the same goes for the front. 

No I don't.  Just add a note in the comment box that you want one instead of black or silver.  I usually have them available.  If not, I'll let you know. 

The short answer is that Mavic only supports their wheels for 5 years... 

Drop the "K"... it's..."Syrium".   i.e.  I have a set of Syrium SL's. 

Great question. Unfortunately, no I don't...at least at this moment but thanks for asking.