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I get tons of questions via email, voicemail, etc., that I barely have the time to answer.  Here is where you might find the answer to your question.  It's worth a shot...

Q:  Can you/do you ship to the UK, Canada, France, etc., how much does it cost, how long will it take to get here?

A:  Yes, I do ship internationally.  For all items except rims and wheels I ship via USPS Priority International Flat Rate.  The cost is $33.95USD and it typically takes 6-10 business days to reach you.  There are some countries or territories that I require using FedEx because of reliability.  The rate for FedEx International is typically $68USD (for anything smaller than wheels and rims) and typically takes 3-5 business days.  Please be aware that your order might get delayed in customs.  This could add weeks.  It is the buyers responsibility to pay for any additional tariffs, fees, import duties, or VAT upon delivery.  If you need it sooner, contact me and I will get you a shipping quote via FedEx.  This will always be much more expensive.  The same goes for rims and wheels.  Contact me for a shipping quote and please include your shipping address.

Q:  Why does Mavic list Zicral spoke lengths different than what they actually are?

A:  For some reason Mavic does not measure their Zicral spokes end-to-end.  Instead, they measure them "inside shoulder-to-insided shoulder"...which is approximately 5mm shorter then the end-to-end measurement.

Q:  Do you repair/rebuild Mavic wheels? 

A:  Typically yes.  Labor is usually $85 per wheel plus parts.  I will get you an estimate once I inspect the wheel(s).  It's safe to budget $25 each way for domestic ground shipping.

Q:  Will the Ksyrium SL rear rim (part # 99604513) work as a replacement for my Ksyrium ES rear wheel?

A:  Yes it will.  The decals are the only difference.  BTW, the same goes for the front.

Q:  I need the red/white/yellow accent spoke.  Do you charge extra for them?

A:  No I don't.  Just add a note in the comment box that you want one instead of black or silver.  I usually have them available.  If not, I'll let you know.

Q:  Why can I no longer get parts for my 2007 Mavic wheels?

A:  The short answer is that Mavic only supports their wheels for 5 years...

Q:  How do you pronounce Ksyrium?

A:  Drop the "K"... it's..."Syrium".   i.e.  I have a set of Syrium SL's.