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You'll know when you need this...

When suddenly your ID360 freehub gives way on a steep hill, it could be a sign you need one of these. Replacement is very easy. No tools required at all.

Mavic ID360 Insta Drive Grease- V2251901
Ken Schwarz (Lincoln, US)
Mavic special sauce - does the job

It's hard to know if there isn't some other grease you could use on the ID360, but this is the one that Mavic specifies. The little packet gives you just the right amount for one freehub relube. No more, no less. And then the free hub is nice and quiet and works fine. The packets are small enough that you can keep a spare in your saddlebag...the ID360's toolless disassembly makes in possible to clean and regrease roadside, if you have to.

Rogue Mechanic has done it again. Part selection is top notch and he doesn’t charge “vintage” prices.

RogueMechanic Bushing for Mavic Freehub Body
Vincent Mao (La Mirada, US)
Fast and Friendly Service

RougeMechanic's freehub body bushing was just what I needed to fix the play in my CrossMax SLR wheel. Service was fast and friendly. And I really liked the installation instructions on his Youtube channel.

Mavic MTB Disc QRM Rear Axle - 32348001
Bryan McCrae (Gabriola, CA)
One Old bike is getting new life after over a decade.

Just too possession of some very hard to find bits to get an old wheel set running again. The shipping was quick and no damage. The real bonus was the handwritten thank you note. I really feel I just helped a Fellow biker. Thanks so much I will look at my other old frames and wheels to see what I can spend money on and you bet Rouge is the first stop.

Mavic ITS-4 Pawls and Springs Kit
Shaun Bhajan (Brighton, US)

Mavic ITS-4 Pawls and Springs Kit

Mavic Ksyrium Aksium Spokes (2008+)
Alex Ximenez (Austin, US)


Life saver

Didn’t think it’d be so hard to find what I needed but boy am I glad I found this site.
Had what I needed and shipping was fast.

Had the part. Great service.

Wanted to convert a nice pair of carbon Mavic mtb wheels from Shimano to SRAM drive train. RogueMechanic was the only place in the US that had the Mavic SRAM XD Freewheel Body in stock and would mail it. Wheels back in use. Thanks!

Mavic ID360 Ratchets and Spring Kit - V2251701
Dustin Eubanks (Iowa City, US)
Just what I needed!

The ratchets in a Magic AllRoad wheelset I got at a great price were worn. RogueMechanic had the right replacements, and now the wheelset functions as new. Thanks a bunch!

Mavic Rear Axle Assembly R-SYS SLR - V2250101
Flavia Nascimento (Gatineau, CA)

Great company to buy from. I would recommend and will
Buy from them again

Well designed product!

This ultra torque shim kit works exactly as it should. It eliminated the wave washer that campy designed and sets the bearings up properly with just enough preload. This is how campagnolo should have designed the ultra torque in the first place! My bottom bracket now turns quietly even under heavy load like an out-of-the-saddle steep climb. I am very happy with this product!

Excellent service

The items I bought were exactly what a wanted and arrived in good time. John was great with keeping me up to date with the process. I would highly recommend Rogue Mechanic and would use them again.

Wheels are back on the road

I needed to replace two spokes that were bent due to the derailleur jamming them. The replacement spokes fit perfectly. The nipple ad a larger wrench size than the ones being replaced/

Last rescue for my Mavic wheel

Special Mavic carbon spoke only available at this shop. Very friendly contact with John

Mavic Nut for Alloy Road 9mm Axle - V2373101
Todd Anderson (San Francisco, US)

Great responsiveness, expertise, and customer service. I found Rogue Mechanic on my own through web-searching for Mavic parts, and one of my local bike shops independently recommended them when they didn't have the part I needed. Rogue Mechanic verified I was buying the correct little part given my wheel's condition, and they were right. Will not hesitate to buy from Rogue Mechanic again!

Mavic 33000001 Bearings
Robert Boyer (Montreal, CA)
Outstanding service

I ordered Mavic rear wheel bearings, owner was on vacation, took the time to write me back and ship the parts while on vacation. AAA service

Nice rim

good communication, good product, very satisfied

Great seller.


Got everything I need to get these old mavics rolling again with great support from john to make sure I have the right parts for my wheels. Shipped immediately and arrived to me in Australia much faster than I expected it to! Big thanks for all you do.

Hard to Find Mavic Freehub

A bit expensive, but exactly what I needed to repair my bike. And, shipped quickly, too.

ksyrium wheel spoke

A broken spoke sidelined my ksyrium wheel. The local bike shop was able to come up with a part number, which I sent to Rogue Mechanic. The spoke arrived quickly and fit. The bike is back on the road.

Mavic M40179 Bearings
Pablito Piloton (Los Angeles, US)
Mavic Replacement Bearings


Mavic Rear Axle Ti Bolt Screw - 99546901
Dorian Granger (Fairbanks, US)
From one small business to another. 10 stars!

I own a bike and ski shop up in interior AK and a customer came in with a, to say the least, GRENADED mavic road freehub. Another local shop that has a long standing reputation told him it was toast ajd the parts were not available to rebuild it. Get a new wheel.
He came in to us, sad, looking to order a wheelset. I looked at the hub and asked him to give me a chance to dig and see if I could find the parts needed to rebuild his freehub. He agreed. I started digging and found Rogue Mechanic. Some troubleshooting later, and a few small parts orders narrowing the issues down. My customer walked out the door with a fresh Axle, Freehub Body, and Pawl and spring kit, assembled together into a good as new mavic road hub ready for use. Rogue Mechanic had the exact parts to bring my customer's Mavic Freehub back to life. 10 stars. As a small business owner, I am ALWAYS thrilled when I get to buy from another business that isn't a huge wholesaler to get a bike back on the road. I'm adding rogue Mechanic to my lost of hard to get parts sources! 👌🔥🤙🚲 cheers🍺

ID360 Campagnolo N3W Freewheel Body - V4270101
Giovana Valverde Jose Cocozza (San José, CR)
First time customer

Great service. Had to change the bought item last minute. This was processed promptly. Will buy again in the future.