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International sales and shipping

Posted by John Satory on

Frequently I get questions about where I am located and subsequently questions about international shipping (if I ship to a certain country, etc).  First of all, I am based in the US, and secondly, yes, I do ship internationally...accept for a couple of countries that don’t play nice.  It’s safe to say that I ship to 99% of the countries.  

For everything other than rims, I ship via USPS Priority Flat Rate envelope (typically 6-10 business days if not delayed in customs) and the cost is $33.95.  There is a faster and obviously more expensive option; USPS Priority Express International Flat Rate envelope (typically 3-5 business days if not delayed in customs) for $62.95.  All prices are in USD.  The main reason why I choose not to offer less expensive options is because of the unreliability. Quite frankly, I do not have the time to respond to emails asking where their shipment is.  A few things to keep in mind; for International shipments, USPS only provides tracking information for USPS Priority International flat rate envelopes to the last facility before the package leaves the USA.  Secondly, about 25% of the time the shipping address that the buyer provides comes back to me as being invalid.  If you take the extra time to make sure that your shipping address is valid, that will help me to ship your order faster.  Lastly, please keep in mind that you are responsible for any VAT, exchange rate tax, duty, or any other import related fees.  

For international shipping of Mavic rims, the process is different.  Since the smallest box that I can fit a rim is dimensionally too big, USPS cannot be used to ship rims internationally.  Additionally, the standard prices from UPS or FedEx for international shipping of rims is crazy expensive.  Because of these reasons, I need to get creative and search for the most cost-effective options.  This is why I have a note on each of the rim product pages asking you to email me the international shipping address so that I can search for the best shipping options (Rest assured that I do my best to find the most cost effective options).  After I get you the best shipping options that I could find and you want to go ahead and order the rim, I will then send you an invoice (usually via PayPal for the rim(s) and your preferred shipping option.   

I hope that this information helps!

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