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by John Satory December 07, 2021

Now that we’re about to wrap up 2021, can you name more than a handful of things that haven’t changed since COVID-19 started? There are probably just a few examples that have remained unchanged. My point is that change is happening all around us at a lightning pace, and now is the time for businesses to adapt to the rapidly changing playing field. During the last 30 years, my journey started with owning a bike shop and then transformed into RogueMechanic 17 years ago. By launching what I loosely call RogueMechanic 2.0, I will be adapting to the times and presenting my clients (past, present, and future) with new services that deliver more value while being accessible from anywhere on the planet.

RogueMechanic Support

Bike Mechanic Rogue Mechanic Services

There is no lack of information out there when it comes to bike maintenance and care.  The issue is discerning what is accurate.  It typically takes a considerable amount of time and effort to filter through the sea of content to find what you are looking for and then somehow confirm if it is correct. I suspect that there is room for improvement here, and this is one area that I’m focusing on with RogueMechanic Support.  Here’s how it works. You schedule a call or video session with me in 15-minute blocks as needed when you need technical or general cycling-related questions answered.  RogueMechanic Support seeks to be your trustworthy go-to professional bike mechanic contact when you can’t find the technical information you are looking for or need advice on a bike purchase or repair. Imagine having a bike mechanic and an advisor that you can trust.

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RogueMechanic Membership

Rogue Mechanic Bike Mechanic Bicycle MechanicThe RogueMechanic Membership is the other aspect I’m introducing to you.  There will be ongoing benefits associated with the membership, not the least of which is being part of the RogueMechanic community!  Besides that, the membership will provide you unlimited access to phone and video calls, a tech video library, and access to the private RogueMechanic Facebook group.  I plan on adding more valuable features to the membership in the near future as time allows.  Membership has its benefits.  Jump in now before the price increases.  Click on the link below to go to the RogueMechanic Membership page.


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Now is the time to expand what RogueMechanic is beyond my local presence. I’m excited to bring this to the marketplace, and I hope it will be helpful and valuable to you.  I stand behind the “right to repair” and believe that a more educated consumer is ultimately less intimidated and overwhelmed when visiting a bike shop or making an online purchase.  There is room for more truth and accuracy and a more efficient way to get the information that you need.

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