The Latest Haterade

by John Satory March 25, 2012

I thought that I'd share with you the latest "haterade" comment that I received.  As you might guess, it's about the Campagnolo Ultra Torque non-issue....

"There weren't enough failures showing up in the field yet for this relatively new part to cause market flashback". It appears from the email that the author experienced this alleged issue in 2010. Ultra Torque was released in 2006. Its now 2012. How many ultra torque cranksets do you think have been sold in this time? A google search still shows just you and your pathetic little campaign. No "market flashback" yet. Meanwhile... in the real world: Read it and weep. You're fooling nobody. Idiot.

Thank you for your comment.  I'm sure that you have more experience than I do with this.  What flavor is that kool-aid?

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