Mavic CrossMax SL Zircal Bladed Spokes, Silver (2003-2006)

This product is no longer sold by the manufacturer.  So the remaining inventory that I have on stock is all that is left.  I recommend you purchase now before they are all gone.
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These are silver, straight pull, bladed Zircal spokes with integrated M7 aluminum nipple.  These spokes fit the following wheels:

2003 CrossMax SL Disc
2004 CrossMax SL Disc
2005 CrossMax SL Disc
2006 CrossMax SL Disc

2003 Crossmax SL (Rim Brake)

2004 Crossmax SL (Rim Brake)

Very limited availability.  Mavic is out of stock and this spoke is out of production.  When these are gone, that's it folks!

Spoke Lengths:

Disc Brake
Front:  268mm
Drive Side:  250mm
Non-Drive Side:  268mm

Rim Brake
Front:  255mm
Drive Side:  245mm
Non-Drive Side:  274mm

Mavic Part #'s:

Disc Brake
Front and Non-Drive Side: M40743
Drive Side:  M40745

Rim Brake

Front:  M40751
Drive Side:  M40753
Non-Drive Side:  M40755

From time to time, I may have some "Grade C" M40745 (Drive side) spokes available.  Grade C spokes are really beat up...scratches, bends, etc...not pretty.  These spokes are getting rarer than hen's teeth.  Bottom line is that these might be your only option to keep you rolling.