Mavic CrossMax UST Zircal Bladed Spokes Black (1999+)

This product is no longer sold by the manufacturer.  So the remaining inventory that I have on stock is all that is left.  I recommend you purchase now before they are all gone.
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These are black, straight pull, bladed Zircal spokes with integrated M7 aluminum nipple.  These spokes fit the following wheels:

1999+ CrossMax UST  (Rim Brake)

Very limited availability.  Mavic is out of stock and this spoke is out of production.  When these are gone, that's it folks!

Spoke Lengths:
Front:  255mm
Drive Side:  245mm
Non-Drive Side:  274mm

Mavic Part #'s:
Front: M40683
Drive Side:  M40684
Non-Drive Side:  M40685