Mavic Stainless Steel ROAD Spokes pre-2006

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This is where you will find spokes for your older (pre-2006) Mavic road wheels that are not listed anywhere else on this site.  These have long been discontinued by Mavic and because of this, quantities are limited.  I will include nipples if I have them. I will not have photos for all of the different spokes mainly because it would really be a pain and would be very time consuming. 

Blk=Black  Silv=Silver  R=Round  Bl=Bladed  SP=Straight Pull  Frt=Front  DS=Drive Side  NDS=Non-drive Side

M40027 - Cosmic Expert, DS, Silv, Bl, SP, 297mm

M40030 - Cosmic Expert, NDS, Silv, Bl, SP, 283mm

M40039 - Cosmic Expert Frt, Silv, Bl, SP, 281mm

M40031 - Cosmic Carbone Clincher 700, DS, Silv, Bl, SP, 300mm

M40032 - Cosmic Carbone Clincher 700, Frt & NDS, Silv, Bl, SP, 287mm

M40040 - Helium Tubular, Frt & NDS, Silv, R, SP, 291mm

M40041 - Helium Tubular, DS, Silv, R, SP, 309mm

M40042 - Helium Clincher, Frt & NDS, Silv, R, SP, 287mm

M40043 - Helium Clincher, DS, Silv, R, SP, 305mm

M40216 - Cosmic Equipe, NDS, Blk, Bl, SP, 283mm

M40211 - Classics Pro Clincher, DS, Silv, R, SP, 299mm

M40554 - Cosmos, NDS, Blk, R, SP, 310mm

M40210 - Helium Clincher 650, DS, Silv, R, SP, 280mm

M40212 - Classics Pro Clincher, Frt & NDS, Silv, R, SP, 301mm

M40606 - Cosmic Elite 700 (2001-2003), Frt, Blk, Bl, SP, 281mm

M40607 - Cosmic Elite 700 (2001-2003), DS, Blk, Bl, SP, 300mm

M40608 - Cosmic Elite 700 (2001-2003), NDS, Blk, Bl, SP, 283mm

M40656 - Ksyrium Elite (2002+), DS, Blk, Bl, SP, 304mm

323 903 01 - Cosmic Carbone SL (2004+), Frt, Blk, Bl, SP, 291mm

323 904 01 - Cosmic Carbone SL (2004+), DS, Blk, Bl, SP, 307mm

324 452 01 - Ksyrium Equipe (2004+), Frt, Blk, SP, 284mm

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