Mavic Ksyrium SL/ES/Premium/K10 Spokes 2006-2010

This product is no longer sold by the manufacturer.  And I've sold out of my inventory.

These spokes are for 2006-2010 Ksyrium SL, ES, Premium, and K10 wheels.  They are bladed Zicral and black with integrated M7 nipples. 

Front: 284.5mm

Drive Side:  275mm

Non-Drive Side: 298.5mm

Mavic Part #'s:

Front: 324 178 01

Drive Side:  324 179 01

Non-Drive Side:  324 180 01

Drive Side : 996 152 01 (TUBULAR)

These spokes have the original M7 (5.5mm) nipples.

As new spokes are sold out, used perfectly functional spokes will be listed when available.  Check drop-down menu.