RogueMechanic Shim Kit for Campagnolo Ultra-Torque - PressFit *NEW*

This is the NEW RogueMechanic Shim Kit made for Press Fit Campagnolo Ultra-Torque.  This set is only compatible with PRESS FIT cups such as BB30, PF30, etc. 
These shims are made out of high quality PTFE and are made in the USA.

This shim kit contains:

(2) .75mm (0.03")

(2) .50mm (0.02")

(2) .25mm (0.01")

(2) .13mm (0.005")


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
David Casebeer (McDonough, US)
No play so go play!

I go the shims a few weeks back and waited to do my Biachi's overhaul. Cleaned up everything and started with a .75 mm shim. That worked fairly easy, but was a little too tight. Popped the crankset apart and put a .5 and .13. I was prepared to take the .13 out, but it was fine. The total time for assembly, disassembly and then torque took 15 minutes. Most of that time was to get the axle splines aligned and the binding bolt installed. Let's see how it does in a thousand miles.

Chuck Meyer (Crystal Bay, US)
Bottom bracket shim kits for UT

These shims are essential at sucking up any excess gap between the mated UT cranks and the bottom bracket. No clunk, and perfect centerline set mean no noise. In my case no noise in any gear ratio. I highly recommend these if you are a campy addict

Richard Snoddy (Ventura, US)
Ultra-Torque BB-86 Shim Kit

One of the .75 mm thick shims in the kit solved the Ultra-Torque clicking on the 2013 Bianchi Sempre that I commute back and forth to work on a couple of days a week.
Anyone who’s experienced the annoying Ultra-Torque click will easily fix the issue using the RougeMechanic’s Shim Kit!

Lawrence Robinson (Albany, US)
Shims for Campy

Excellent product for the problem of the Campy wave washer

Keith Dinsmore (Arlington Heights, US)
Campy BB PF Shims.............Heaven!!!!!!!

Wow what a saver these are. Campy BB wiggle/play/slop GONE!.