308 715 01

Mavic ITS-4 2012 Freehub+Axle 135/142mm Upgrade Kit- 30871501

This product is no longer sold by the manufacturer.  And I've sold out of my inventory.  At times I do find more.  If you want to be notified when I do get more of what you are looking for in stock, just click on the "notify me when available" button.

This upgrade kit is what you need if you have the first generation (2012) ITS-4 wheel and you need to replace your freehub body.  In other words, if your wheel was spec'd to use the 308 713 01 freehub body, which has been discontinued, this is what you need.  Besides the freehub body and the axle, this kit also includes pawls and springs, end caps, reducers, etc.  See photos of details.

Mavic Part #: 308 715 01