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Mavic Stainless Steel MTB Spokes pre-2006

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This is where you will find spokes for your older (pre-2006) Mavic mountain wheels that are not listed anywhere else on this site.  These have long been discontinued by Mavic and because of this, quantities are limited.  I will include a nipple if I have the correct one.  I will not have photos for all of the different spokes mainly because it would really be a pain and would be very time consuming. 

Blk=Black  Silv=Silver  R=Round  Bl=Bladed  SP=Straight Pull  Frt=Front  DS=Drive Side  NDS=Non-drive Side

M40020 - CrossMax Frt&NDS, Blk, R, SP, 255mm

M40021 - CrossMax DS, Blk, R, SP, 273mm

M40022 - Crossland 98, Frt&NDS, Silv, R, SP, 255mm

M40023 - Crossland 98, DS, Silv, R, SP, 273mm

M40206 - Crossmax Disc, DeeMax, Crosslink Disc, FNDS & DS, Blk, SP, 273mm

M40207 - Crossmax Disc, Crosslink Disc, Crossride, NDS, Blk, R, SP, 275mm

M40208 - Crossmax Disc, Crosslink Disc, Crossride, FNDS & Frt, Blk, R, SP, 255mm

323 440 01 - Crossmax Enduro Disc, Frt & Rear, Blk, R, SP, w/nipple, 273mm

323 601 01 - Crossland 04, Frt & Rear, Blk, R, SP, 270mm

323 894 01 - DeeMax 05, Frt & NDS, Blk, SP, 278mm (integrated nipple)

323 895 01 - DeeMax 05, DS, SP, Blk, 276mm (integrated nipple)

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