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RogueMechanic Bushing for Mavic Freehub Body

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Having a proclivity to solve problems with solutions targeted to be as good or better than the original,  I am making upgraded, precision bushings to replace the stock bushing in Mavic FTS-L and FTS-X freehub bodies.  

These freehub bodies were used in all Mavic wheels from around 2000 until approximately 2015.  The bushing is what tends to wear. The result is excessive play in the freehub body that can cause poor shifting and noise when freewheeling (aka the death squeal).  

The RogueMechanic bushing is machined in the USA out of domestically manufactured Dupont Delrin AF.  Dupont Delrin AF is an acetal homopolymer that is uniformly blended with 13% PTFE (Dupont Teflon) fibers giving it better wear characteristics and having a lower friction component (i.e  more slippery).  Besides it being brown (not white, yellow, or yellowish), there are other characteristics that make this material superior for this application, but I will share those soon in a detailed blog post.  The bottom line is that it is better than any other aftermarket bushing in the market.

Everyone likes options or choices.  This is exactly what I'm offering you.  Currently, there are two options available for you when dealing with a Mavic freehub body that has a worn bushing; go to eBay and buy a bushing from one of the two sellers, or purchase a new complete freehub body from Mavic for around $70USD.  Now you have another option.  A precision replacement bushing that is made of a superior material that is machined in Cleveland Ohio.  During this development process, we also wear-tested these bushings the equivalent of over 1000 miles of coasting.  The results show very little, if any, wear to the surface of the bushing or the journal of the hub.  

This bushing has the same dimensions that new factory Mavic bushings have.  Installation is tool-free and takes only a few minutes.  In addition to the bushing, I include a 10ml bottle of Tech Quality light mineral oil. 


Customer Reviews

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Matthew Raschke (Mountain View, US)
No more death squeel!

The freehub bushing and the YouTube instructions worked great! I can ride super fast downhill again.

Elias Fierro (Colorado Springs, US)
Fast Shipping and Perfect Fit.

I think it had been less than 2 hours from when I ordered that I received a notification that my order had shipped. I purchased a nylon bushing that is no longer produced by the Mavic and the instruction were extremely easy to follow and the bushing fit perfectly.

Aleksey Urusov (Plainfield, US)

all good! thank you John

Michael McCarl (East Wenatchee, US)
Mavic hub bushing

John is a great guy and they got me a replacement bushing very quickly. The bushing is superior to OEM and he even sent a vial of lube specific to this bushing. Highest recommendation to John the Rouge Mechanic

chris ramirez (Chicago, US)
new free hub bushing

quick turn around on shipping.

looks more durable than other options on the ebay. relieves some worry about older but otherwise great ksyrium wheels