RogueMechanic Shim Kit for Campagnolo Ultra-Torque Bottom Brackets- English

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This is the RogueMechanic Shim Kit made to solve the problem of axial movement in Campagnolo Ultra-Torque bottom bracket systems.  This movement sometimes manifests into noise in the form of clicking and/or knocking.  This side-to-side movement also accelerates the wear of components.  This shim kit is machined here in the Cleveland area from high-quality, US-made 18-8 stainless steel with the help of my father-in-law.  The shim kit has a total of eight shims (four different thicknesses) so that you can precisely dial in the correct stack height.   

This set of shims is specifically made for BSA/English threaded bottom brackets.

Here's a video explaining the installation process.

Customer Reviews

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Well designed product!

This ultra torque shim kit works exactly as it should. It eliminated the wave washer that campy designed and sets the bearings up properly with just enough preload. This is how campagnolo should have designed the ultra torque in the first place! My bottom bracket now turns quietly even under heavy load like an out-of-the-saddle steep climb. I am very happy with this product!

Numsen (Houston, US)
RogueMechanic Shim Kit for Campagnolo Ultra-Torque Bottom Brackets- English

This shim kit is very high quality and well made. The shim kit instructional videos provided by John on the RogueMechanic web site were exceptionally detailed and helpful!

I have used the Campagnolo ultra torque crank/bottom bracket system on my road bike for many years with no issues. Recently, I noticed a slight, intermittent clicking noise coming from the bottom bracket when climbing. I decided to replace the wave washer, the old washer appeared to be worn, re-greased the bottom bracket cups, and the noise went away.

In the event the clicking returns, I will use the shim kit to eliminate the pre-load provided by the wave washer. This option seems to be a great permanent solution to remedy potential noise issues associated with the ultra torque system!

mark nadybal (Hilo, US)
Jury is still out

First recommendation of 5mm with wavey washer didn't help. Going to increase shimage to 7mm next week and ride ir snd see what happens. Will keep you informed . Thanks

Steven Grzebiniak (Reno, US)
Perfect fit.

The kit comes with a full shim selection to correct any common bottom bracket spacing issues. My Campagnolo Super Record BB now has the proper bearing pre-load, with no side to side play.

Lance (Little Compton, US)
On all my bikes.

These shim kits just work.BB preload for the UT Chainsets was the only thing in the Group that bothered me. RM has solved it for me. Really not that hard to get installation spot on. I know spin tests are supposed to mean nothing but man it’s nice to see. No creaking after thousands of miles. I have 4 bikes and they all run the shims,