Recent Campy Ultra-Torque Love

by John Satory September 07, 2011

I've received lots of hate mail about this Campagnolo UT thing...hell, like I've said, it's like I insulted someone's mom.  Here's a recent comment that I received on my YouTube Channel that made me laugh...

I googled "campagnolo ultra torque problem" and all I saw was you spamming forums trying to sell gullible people shim kits. So well done. You've provided a solution that cant possibly work for a problem that doesn't exist. You are a goose. -SuperKevRev

That's a good one.  Anyways, If your bottom bracket's knockin' here's where to get some shims to stop your crankset from rockin' doesn't really rock, it's more an axial/lateral get the point.

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