Mavic Tracomp Spokes

by John Satory May 08, 2014

This is a quick video on how to determine if a Mavic Tracomp spoke is damaged and needs to be replaced.



 Do a real quick video on how, how to determine if your trade comp spoke is damaged. These are the tubular carbon. I don't know if you can tell with this, but that it's hollow. These are the tubular carbon spokes that Maverick uses in their are wheels and a couple other ones. Sometimes it's not as apparent as it shattering like this. What I found, I mean, if you look at the manual, I mean they say waltz in the in the wheel. You can try to twist it and see if there's any movement. But I found that's that can be problematic. It doesn't it doesn't tell you or it doesn't show if there's any damage all the time. What I found is if you take, see this book doesn't appear to have any damage at all. It seems to be intact. But if you take the two ends and you twist them in opposite directions, it actually, it does twist, meaning that there is some structural damage to it as opposed to if you take one that isn't damaged and you try to do the same thing, it doesn't twist. It's very stiff.  So that's, that's a telltale sign. If if your tray comp spoke is damaged,

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