Mavic Zicral Spoke Replacement

by John Satory May 07, 2014

This video shows how to remove and replace a Mavic Zicral spoke. This specifically covers the situation when the spoke is frozen or stuck inside the M7 nipple. This is apparent when you turn the nipple and the spoke turns with it, not allowing you to true the wheel.

Tools Used in this video:

  • Mavic "New" M7 (2011 and newer) Spoke Wrench: 996 079 01
  • Mavic "Old" M7 (pre 2011) Spoke Wrench: M40652
  • Mavic Bladed Spoke Tool: M40567




I just want to do a quick video on how to replace a Maverick. Sacral spoke in this scenario on this Maverick Syria myself. The spoke is actually frozen with a nipple and you can kind of tell how the spoke is twisted. This is pretty common. This happens whenever you try to turn the nipple while Holden is spoke and the spoke does not spin within the nipple, so you get this deforming and a spoke or twisting. So what you want to do at this, at this point when you're going to replace your unit, you want to remove the spoke by cutting it. And I should mention that you should wear some form of eye protection and note the routing or the lacing pattern of the spoke. So once you cut the spoke, you're gonna remove the portion from the hub like so. And once that's removed, you're going to remove the remaining portion of the spoke from the rim by unthreading it. Remember, it's reverse threaded. So righty loosey. Oh, look who showed up. Hey, Mo. What I like to do when I replace a spoke is I like to apply grease to the threads of the nipple and also the area of the spoke that is hidden by the nipple. This will hopefully prevent the freezing of the spoke within the nipple in the future gambling to correctly lace the spoke back into the wheel. And when I'm going to insert the head of the spoken to the slot and hub and carefully bend the spoke to get into the hole on the rim and thread the nipple back into the rim. Okay. At this point, you can continue on with the touring process. If you have any questions, you can hit me up.


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